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Re: Nibs and Spit Biting

You may want to try working with a glass pen.....they're still being
made........the Levengers catalog here in the US has them but I wouldn't be
suprised if the writing/gift/craft stores in SA handle them too......they are
somewhat fragile but deliver the ink steadily when held in a normal writing
position.......you can get more character in your forms if you hold it @ more
of a shallow angle; points are more easily broken when the pen is held like
this so you must keep the pressure light.......

how do you keep the acid from drying out before it's bitten the plate

perhaps placing the plate on something that vibrates ultrasonicly might keep
the acid stirred?.......

Have you tried writting with a strong infusion of coffee?.....a couple of
months back i found a bottle of coffee ink i'd made in 1974......it still
wrote a freeflowing strong brown.....& didn't smell too bad either (i think
i'd added Zephrin choride)......i 'd been looking for some Palatino(the
writing master guy) formula ink i'd made about the same time(very acid); it
still wrote well(clear but it darkens in about 15-20 minutes) but the reason i
needed it was that i'd found a recipee for weathered wood stain that sounded
very much like the Palatino ink and, as it turned out, it gave the wood a very
natural weathered gray color.....i used it on a lowered background to set off
some raised gilded chinese characters......

best of luck....calvert

In a message dated 12/10/98 1:17:06 PM Central Standard Time,
mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Your message dealing with nibs was lost to me, but the mention of the
 made me think about a question that I've been raising in local pen shops
 lately.  Maybe you could advise me here.  I recently discovered that a
 cartridge pen (Platignum) that I've had for a couple of years is no longer
 distributed locally (in South Africa) and that I cannot get hold of new
 cartridges.  The shop assistant very innovatively suggested that I keep my
 empty cartridges and fill them with a syringe, which I did, but it sparked
 off a number of very dramatic ideas.

 So, I've been writing with bleach onto a blackened surface, and I've been
 writing with mud and milk and blood all manner of other substances.  Now,
 the idea of writing with acid has presented itself.  Is there such a thing
 as a cartridge pen which is made of something other than metal which will
 corrode with contact?  I am thinking of drawing on an etching plate (like
 spit biting) except I would have a stronger primary control of the way in
 which the acid gets was distributed.

 Any suggestions? >>

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