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Re: saving staple signature bindings

Thank you for all the responses on staple bound items.  From what your
observations seem to be, you don't have the problems with rust like I have
seen.  I would say the rust ratio is well over half.  And this is in two
different libraries in very different parts of the country.  It could be only
the worst case scenarios reach the lab (which is as it should be) or all the
rusty staples follow me around.

It seems like there is no "easy" way to disbind these items.  The ones I have
now are not from special collections and their main worth is in their
intellectual content.  They probably will be chopped and adhesive bound.  But I
may experiment around on them first.  I'll let you know the results if I do.

Thanks again,

Eric C. Alstrom
                         Collections Conservator
Baker Library
Dartmouth College        603-646-1452
Hanover, NH              (fax) 603-646-3702


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