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Re: Nibs and Spit Biting

If you want to write with acid I think the suggestion of a goose quill is an
excellent one.  However, if you want to write with acid on an etching plate you
may run into problems because the quantity of acid is small and if you have done
spit biting you know that the acid rapidly exhausts itself and has to be
reapplied several times before the mark will be at all dark.  Also, the pen will
be scraping the rosin off the plate (and you need the rosin if the acid is going
to produce a dark; if you just work on bare metal not a whole lot will happen).
I think you might get the effect much more beautifully by either writing on
mylar and making a photo etching or by writing with sugar lift solution and
doing a lift ground.  Have fun. Audrey Niffenegger

Robyn Sassen wrote:

> Your message dealing with nibs was lost to me, but the mention of the thread
> made me think about a question that I've been raising in local pen shops
> lately.  Maybe you could advise me here.  I recently discovered that a
> cartridge pen (Platignum) that I've had for a couple of years is no longer
> distributed locally (in South Africa) and that I cannot get hold of new
> cartridges.  The shop assistant very innovatively suggested that I keep my
> empty cartridges and fill them with a syringe, which I did, but it sparked
> off a number of very dramatic ideas.
> So, I've been writing with bleach onto a blackened surface, and I've been
> writing with mud and milk and blood all manner of other substances.  Now,
> the idea of writing with acid has presented itself.  Is there such a thing
> as a cartridge pen which is made of something other than metal which will
> corrode with contact?  I am thinking of drawing on an etching plate (like
> spit biting) except I would have a stronger primary control of the way in
> which the acid gets was distributed.
> Any suggestions?
> Robyn Sassen

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