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Re: saving staple signature bindings

Wire stitching or "stapling" was invented by Henry Heyl in 1874 in
America, and used betwen 1874-76 (from a handout, compiled by Randy
Silverman and Maria Grandinette, and distributed at the 1995 AIC
conference).  According to Glaister's Encyclopedia of the Book, wire
stitching moved from Philadelphia to London in 1877 with August
Brehmer.  Glaister notes that as the rusting wire marred the pages, use
to bind boods was shortlived.  Side stabbing is now used for multiple
sections, rather that through-fold.

Apparently, the old practice survived longer than was thought.

Eric C. Alstrom wrote:
> The books that jcpratt describes are closer to what I am encountering, _except_
> that these are published in Germany.
> This is really piquing my interest.  These bindings are not restricted to
> Germany and central/northern Europe.  They were also made in Australia and the
> U.S.  What are the dates for these other countries?  Are there any sources,
> articles, books about this peculiar binding method?
> Eric

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