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[Fwd: An inquiry about bookbinding]

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A request from a Boston University student .
<BR>Please be kind and reply directly to her adress.
<BR>Thank you.


<P>Uri Kolodni
<BR>Bookbinding &amp; Restoration
<BR>18 Zangwill Str.
<BR>62599 Tel-Aviv

<P>tl: +972 3 544 2599
<BR>fx: +972 3 602 0668
<BR><A HREF="mailto:kolodni@xxxxxxxxxxxx";>mailto:kolodni@xxxxxxxxxxxx</A>
<BR><A HREF="http://www.ifta.co.il/public/kolodni";>http://www.ifta.co.il/public/kolodni</A>

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From: Lynette Martyn <lmartyn@xxxxxx>
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Subject: An inquiry about bookbinding
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I would like to have my fathers poems and prose made into a book. Can
you do this/ If so what are the price ranges? As I am a student i am in
search of an economical option. Also, when i begin to transfer his works
onto my computer is there a special type of formatting I should use, in
order to prepare his works for binding?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Lynette Martyn


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