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Re: Brass Plaque

MIght I suggest an optician for the screws that hold glasses together.  They
could probably be adapted for attaching a brass plate to either wood or

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

--On ThuTu, Dec41722199897 8:25 AM +0000 "Rodney Fry 01276 64566 x4151; GNET
*821" <rod.fry@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>    > A customer recently brought a brass plaque that she wanted mounted on
>    > inside back cover of an altar missal.  The customer had seen such
>    > adhered to altar bibles and missals with short brads.  Since the
>    > is a large book, the boards are thicker than usual.
>    >
>    > I suggested a trophy business might be helpful and thought I would
>    > the list.
>    >
>    > Does anyone have experience with a situation like this?  If so, where
>    > you acquire the brads?
>    >
>    > Thanks
>    >
>    > Artemis
> Some years ago I washed and rebound a 1611 Bible with leather covered oak
boards and brass fittings.  Some of the "brads" were missing.  Having taken
the remainder of the original brads out they were obviously just slivers of
brass cut from thin sheet.
> I suggest you try to find a source of a piece of scrap brass sheet, e.g.
scrap metal merchant or non-ferrous metal merchant may have offcuts, but
this will be expensive.   A possible alternative are brass panel pins of the
right thickness, but make sure they are brass and not coloured brass!
> Another source for such a small quantity could be a mains electrical plug
which has brass parts.  I think also the flat spade connectors found in
modern cars for making connections are often brass.
> Unfortunately brass is generally fairly soft and it may be necessary to
start a hole in the board to avoid bending them.  Certainly the ones I
removed from the oak boards were bent - which is not surprising.
> Rodney Fry
> Berkshire
> England
> <rod.fry@xxxxxxxx>

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