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Re: Looking for very large type to hot stamp...

I have an old catalog for
American Printing Equipment and Supply Company
which has large fonts of type in it
Is this company still functioning?

I don't have my Guild of Book Workers Suppliers list
with me, so can't check there.

the address I have is
42-25 Ninth ST., Long Island City, NY 11101
 and the telephone number I have (which might be
out of date) is 212-729-5779

Might want to give this a try.

Jane Brown

--On WedTu, Dec41622199897 7:52 PM -0500 "Peter D. Verheyen"
<pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> THis is a little out of my league. I would most likely have a
> zinc/magnesium plate made from computer output but would then need a
> blocking press... My typeholders certainly won't hold this size type.
> Can anyone help? Please respond directly to Larry Terry, contact info
> below. His ISP is in the Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) area.
> Thanks, p.
>>a_Name: Larry Terry
>>b_Email: lterry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>c_Comments: Sheila Summers has suggested your site. This is not about
> comments but rather for assistance. I am looking for metal fonts for hot
> stamping book covers individualy, the old fahion way. Would like these
> fonts in 60 to 70 points in size in Blackletter or similar font. Can you
> help in directing me to the proper place. Would appreciate any help.
>>Thank you.
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