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Hot stamping


>From a cross-post to LETPRESS. Hope it's useful.


>To: bstover@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 10:15:11 -0500
>Subject: Hot stamping
>From: dinorton@xxxxxxxx (D I Norton)
>Regular foundry type is not suitable for more than a very few impressions
>hot stamping. I haven't seen figures on type life for stamping but have
>some type that was so used and is badly rounded and a point or so under
>type high. But it's antique and I've spent a couple hours fudging to make
>a couple words print almost properly.
>Someone suggested a zinc photoengraving--would it have to be mounted on
>metal? Is the heat enough to damage a wood backing? Would wood backing
>conduct the heat to the plate properly?
>Book publishers have special dies made for stamping covers. They're
>usually brass, I believe, but I don't know how thick.
>>Date:         Thu, 17 Dec 1998 07:45:38 -0600
>>From: Bryan Stover <bstover@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Subject:      Looking for very large type to hot stamp...
>>To: LETPRESS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>Seen on the BOOK_ARTS-L list; perhaps someone can help Larry:
>>>Date:         Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:52:22 -0500
>>>From: "Peter D. Verheyen" <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>Subject:      Looking for very large type to hot stamp...
>>>To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>THis is a little out of my league. I would most likely have a
>>>zinc/magnesium plate made from computer output but would then
>>>need a blocking press... My typeholders certainly won't hold
>>>this size type.
>>>Can anyone help? Please respond directly to Larry Terry, contact
>>>info below. His ISP is in the Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) area.
>>>Thanks, p.
>>>>a_Name: Larry Terry
>>>>b_Email: lterry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>c_Comments: Sheila Summers has suggested your site. This is not
>>>>about comments but rather for assistance. I am looking for metal
>>>>fonts for hot stamping book covers individualy, the old fahion way.
>>>>Would like these fonts in 60 to 70 points in size in Blackletter
>>>>or similar font. Can you help in directing me to the proper place.
>>>>Would appreciate any help.
>>>>Thank you.

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