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there is an FAQ, it's in EVERY list message header, the thing that tells
you who a message is from. None of this is done manually, it's all the
machine... The only way I find out if someone is having a problem is if
they send a message to me personally or the
book_arts-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address. If you don't let me know,
POLITELY, I can't really do anything to help.

Why does one have problems? Usually it's plain and simple syntax. That's
why I have everything written out in the FAQ so it can be cut and paste
into the message that goes to listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx If your address
changed, even ever so insignificantly you won't be able to issue commands
because you won't be subscribed as far as the machine is concerned. That's
when you, POLITELY, ask me to help and I will. I do ignore messages sent to
the list with the command in them because 9.9% of the time, the subscriber
figures it out themselves, and with 1200+ of you all I don't have the time
to deal individually with everyone... You all know how it is.

So, let's try this one again.

First step:
Check the FAQ for the CORRECT syntax

2nd step:
Make sure the command is being sent to <listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, NOT

3rd step:
Send the command in an email address to the correct address

4th step:
If this doesn't work contact me. Remember this list is AUTOMATED, as are
almost all other listservs. Makes it easier for the owners, ie. me. IF you
do contact me, you must forward the error message you are getting. It helps
me diagnose the problem.

For the record, both posters had perfectly valid email addresses.

Happy Holidays to all, and many thanks for your help with all this.


At 11:31 PM 12/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I hate to post this to the full list, but I have had the same trouble
>unsubscribing, and really want to get off the list before leaving for two
>weeks --
>is anyone in charge of this list who can address the problem?

>>    In schoen gebundenen Buechern blaettert man gern.   <<

Peter D. Verheyen
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