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New on the ABAA-booknet Web Server


   WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?

        Here are recent changes or updates that you may not have
        seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB members are
        "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home pages.
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            Robert Ross, of Calabasas, CA is now offering
            CATALOGUE XIV: Antiquarian Maps, Views &
            Related Books,Winter/Spring, 1998 - 99. This
            issue emphasizes world maps (including a few
            quite significant sixteenth century
            publications, those depicting North America,
            and an extensive selection of mostly notable
            facsimile atlases. This is another catalogue
            in the new ABAA-booknet Search - Browse -
            Order On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.
    http://abaa-booknet.com/ross   -
       TEN POUND MARITIME LIST (12/16/98)
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            Ten Pound Island Books, of Gloucester, MA is
            now offering Maritime List 118 - Old, Scarce,
            and Out of Print Nautical Books, 217 items
            pertaining to the sea and its history.
            Highlights include the best (1675) edition of
            Frobisher's second voyage, a complete set of
            G. Brown Goode's FISHERIES AND FISHERY
            INDUSTRIES OF THE US., a scarce edition of a
            whaling poem recounting the rescue of
            survivors from the whaleship Essex, the first
            three publications of the Marine Research
            Society, limited editions in vellum, and aunt
            Kay's recipe for Christmas goulash (by
            request only). This is another catalogue in
            the new ABAA-booknet Search - Browse - Order
            On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.
    http://abaa-booknet.com/ten.pound   -

            Swann Galleries, of New York, NY announces
            their new auction schedule, WINTER 1999, is
            now available on-line.
    http://abaa-booknet.com/usa/swann   -
       MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (12/16/98)

            Two ABAA Members have announced updated Web

          * The Book Block, of Greenwitch, CT has posted
            a new on-line catalogue: Catalogue XLII,
            Illustrated Books -- Fine Bindings Literature
            -- Press Books -- Color PLate Books
            Calligraphy & Typography -- The Dance of
            Death &c , available on line with Color
            Photographs at:
          * Joslin Hall Rare Books, of Concord, MA has
            posted CATALOGUE 144: RECENT ACQUSITIONS &
            OTHER INTERESTING BOOKS , This catalog
            features 282 interesting books of the
            17th-20th centuries, on a variety of topics
            including the decorative and fine arts,
            crafts, americana, architecture, gardens,
            fakes, mourning arts, technology, trade
            catalogs, and a diversity of other topics,
            available at http://www.joslinhall.com .

        [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with James Pepper]

            James Pepper Rare Books of Santa Barbara, CA
            has issued two new catalogues: Catalogue 73W
            and Catalogue 71W -- Selections of American &
            English Literature, Mystery & Detective
            Fiction. These are new catalogues in the
            ABAA-booknet Search - Browse - Order On-Line
            Dynamic Catalogue format.
    http://abaa-booknet.com/pepper   -
       MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (12/13/98)

            Five ABAA Members have announced new or
            updated Web Sites:

          * G.B. Manasek, Inc., of Norwich, VT has an new
            Web Site, http://www.antiquaries.com ,
            specializing in 15th to 19th Century Maps;
            Atlases; Cartographic Reference; Manuscripts;
            Globes; Publishers of Cartographic Reference

          * William McDonnell: Oldbooks, of Unionville,
            NY has an new Web Site,
            http://www.oldbooks.net , specializing in
            First Editions, General Antiquarian,
            Appraisals, Collection Development.

          * Edward J. Lefkowicz, of Providence, RI has
            posted Bulletin 102, books and manuscripts on
            nautical subjects to his Web Site,

          * Ken Lopez, of Hadley, MA has posted Catalog
            100: Modern Literature to his Web Site,

          * Jeffrey Thomas, Fine & Rare Books, of San
            Francisco, CA has posted a new on-line
            catalogue, 1998 Holiday Catalogue, 50 items,
            available at http://www.JeffreyThomas.com .

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