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Re: Miniature Books

Mr. Marshall,

Spielmann, P.E. Catalogue of the Library of Minature Books. London: Edward
Arnold, 1961.

Hanson, R.F. Who's Who in Minature Books. Bradenton, FL:  Opuscula Press,

Bondy, L.W. Minature Books. London: Sheppard Press, 1981.

Levitan, Kalman. In Search of Minature Books. West Palm BGeach, FL: Kaycee
Press, 1985.

Welsh, Doris. The History of Minature Books. Albany, NY: Fort Orange Press,

Weber, Francis. A Select Guide to the Sources for Minature Boooks,
1879-1992. Fullerton, CA:  Lorson's Books and Prints, 1992.

Dawson's. Minature Books. Los ANgeles: Dawson, 1968.

Weber, Francis. Little Books by Big People, or Many Smalls Make a Big.
Brdenton, FL: Opuscula Press, 1991.

Henderson, James. The News-Letters of the LXIVMOS, 1921-27. Woodstock, VT:
The Lilliputter Press, 1968.

The Minature Book Society also has a news letter.....and many members who
bind create/bind minature books...my last address for them is 10 Albert
Street, Waltham, MA   02154.


Kurt Klappenbach
Loud Creek Books & Bindery
P.O. Box 405
Ballantine, SC   29002

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