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Re: parchment

Dorothy -

I'm afraid the Hyde used in the delivery of the transcripts is not nearly as
noble as a goat. I think it was *labeled* vellum, and had a strong warning
for others to use only vellum, but wasn't actually vellum itself.
Probably just a youthful indescression on some clerk's part.


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From: Dorothy Africa <africa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 5:32 AM
Subject: parchment

>  On the radio this morning as I was listening to NPR (National Public
>Radio), one of the reporters mentioned in passing that the clerk at the
>House of Representatives transcribed the articles of impeachment passed
>by the House onto parchment to serve in the formal transfer of the
>proceedings to the Senate.  I presume this means genuine
>vellum/parchment rather than one of the various toned papers.  I was
>wondering how often this is done, certainly not for every piece of
>legislation passed on to the Senate!  Not everyone would agree that
>Clinton is a scapegoat for the Republicans, but there may very well be a
>scraped goat in the proceedings.
>  Dorothy Africa

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