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A guard, a guard, my kingdom for a guard.

From:             "Reid Bailey" <Reid.Bailey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:          Re: Stolen Shakespeare folio

A guard, a guard, my kingdom for a guard.

So the thieves who obscounded with the shakespeare folio,  "regarded
by academics as the most important book in the English language", did
so at a time when no one else was around the crown jewels of English
Lit. Am I the only one who sees a problem here. Can the idea of
prevention be overstated enough? Yes, we should be able to trust
people, but we can't. And as far as the thieves not knowing what they
had stolen, well educated people can be criminals as well;-) Just a
thought. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the great work being done
on the list and the web site

Reid Bailey

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