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The LosAngles Times carried a story today
 about  U.S. Cuban ties between scientists that refer to the shipment of
donations sent earlier this month.  That shipment is the one that
carried the donations for libraries and archives gathered through the
posting on this list and several others some months ago.  Through the
assistance and donations of countless people and organizations nearly
$10,000 worth of conservation materials were packaged and sent in that
shipment.  Many thanks to all the people who donated materials, money,
time and space so that the conservators in Cuban can have good quality
materials to help them in their efforts to save the documents of that
country.  The many people are too numerous to name, but please accept my
heartfelt thanks for all your contributions to this project that began
over a year ago when I met with the director of the Cuban National

Jeanne Drewes
Head, Preservation Department
MSE Library
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21218

410 516 5486
410 516 4355 fax

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