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Fwd: Copy Press info

Since I'm not sure I'm forwarding this to all of you in the hopes that you
might be able to help. To the best of my knowledge, the written sheets were
dampened and then pressed with the ink transfering through... I may well be
wrong though, so who knows the answer to the riddle?


>From: bpress <bpress@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Copy Press info
>Just a quick question that you might be able to answer. Our son is
>working on an upgrade for the Briar Press web site and Letterpress
>Museum. In the museum we do have a lovely copy press
>(http://www.westnet.com/~bpress/press/copypress.html) . Our son asked me
>to tell him something about the press and I was stumped. All I know is
>that people commonly refer to this as a book press, but a while ago I
>was told that it is really called a copy press because it was the Xerox
>machine of the day.  If this is so, what did it copy?    Not printing
>forms I don't think, because they were pulled on proof presses.  Was the
>plate that raises with the screw padded with anything?  Pardon my
>ignorance, but I seem to be missing something quite basic.   Any help
>will be appreciated.  Have a nice holiday. --Elizabeth Nevin

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