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Re: Dremel or drill?


Like the other respondents I have both tools in my shop.  In general, I
would recommend the Dremel (or its Sears or other counterpart) for finer
work.  The Dremel-type is much easier to handle and many accessories are
available (such as the drill stand previously mentioned) that make it very
versatile. Prices on the Dremel brand have indeed dropped and good ones are
available in the $50-$60 range.  The Mini-mite cordless Dremel can be
acquired for under $40.  I also bought of these recently and, though I use
it only occasionally, it seems quite strong and useful.

BTW, though in my work I prefer to punch rather than drill, I have found
that sometimes a large needle in a drill makes a kind of compromise between
the two.  Bits specifically for paper can be acquired from printing supply
companies but would probably be better used in a drill press or with your
drill/Dremel in a drill stand.

Safe and significant New Year,

Sam Lanham

At 12:41 AM 12/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>        I'd appreciate your help on this...I've been considering the
>purchase of an electric drill to help with making my poetry chapbooks but a
>Dremel looks more versatile. If a Dremel won't work for drilling holes in
>fine papers, what would be a good drill to buy (under $100). Does anyone
>have an idea or an opinion about this to help me decide? Any
>advantages/disadvantages to cordless? (Replacement batteries seem
>expensive?) And any tips for safe and successful use? Thanks in advance for
>any assistance.
>        Joys of the season and a happy new year to everyone!
>Linda Lanza
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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