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Re: Dremel or drill?

I've never used a Dremel for drilling holes in paper but assume it would
work well if the papers were suitably clamped near the point where you
want the hole(s).  A small hand drill would work very well and would cost
a lot less.  I've seen them at jewelry supply stores and assume that they
would be available at craft stores.  However, clamping is still a must.
It's best to make a jig with the holes in it where you want them on the
paper and then to clamp the jig onto your stack of paper.


On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Linda Lanza/Talk With My Hands wrote:

> purchase of an electric drill to help with making my poetry chapbooks but a
> Dremel looks more versatile. If a Dremel won't work for drilling holes in
> fine papers, what would be a good drill to buy (under $100). Does anyone
> have an idea or an opinion about this to help me decide? Any
> advantages/disadvantages to cordless? (Replacement batteries seem
> expensive?) And any tips for safe and successful use? Thanks in advance for
> any assistance.

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