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Re: Fwd: Copy Press info

Tom Marshall wrote:
> We had one in an office where I worked.  Four-weekly financial statements
> were compiled with indelible ink (and indelible pencil) and copies made (as
> stated) on 'tissue paper' pages in a large copy book (memory suggest
> equivalent to about A3 size).

The writer of this makes a statement that is confusing.  The first
definition of indelible is: that which cannot be erased, washed away,
blotted; also not being easily erased.  It is the solubility of the ink
or pencil in water which makes the copy process possible.  The secondary
definition is correct.

The copy pencil is still being produced.  I have an old one, made by
Eberhard Faber, labeled "Van Dyke" and "#716 Copying Medium".  This has
been discontinued by EF in favor of a pencil that carries the caption
"ink in a bottle!"  The appearance of the pencil is like lead or
graphite and is very easily mistaken for a regular pencil.  It draws a
grayish line, which when wet turns bright blue or purple (other colors
have been known as well). I believe the color is an aniline dye.  It is
water soluble, but not completely.

I can't wait for the Streeter/Rhodes book to be published!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, Nora Lockshin
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