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Re: After naming the press...

>I need help.... after naming my press do I have to register this name
>somewhere or do I just start using it..... and how do I know no one else
>is using the same name and I am stepping on toes?
Before you start using it in an official sense (putting it on checks, etc.)
you need to get a DBA (doing business as) registeration with the court
house.  If the press is a corporation, this is, essentially, already taken
care of, but if you haven't filed any paperwork yet, this is the minimum.
When you do register a corporation or file a DBA, a name search is done
automatically.  How extensive that search is depends on who you file with.
If you file your incorporation papers with your state's Secretary of
Commerce, they will search the state listings (I'm not sure if they check
nationally or not).  If you file a DBA with your city, they'll only check
the city listings.

Of course, you could always check with the Trademark office.  Even if the
name is used somewhere else, if you trademark it first (and it is
trademarkable, i.e. not something like "the book press") you get to use it.

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