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Workshop: Archival Presentation Structures, Portland, OR, USA

Notice to subscribers!  The deadline for the Citraro Workshop is January
15,1999.  If you have questions or wish to sign up be sure to do so as there
is always a crush towrd the deadline. Please pass the word to anyone you think
might be interested.

Archival Presentation Structures


 Caesar Citraro will lead a group through a series of 4 museum quality
 presentation formats. These structures will accommodate works such as
 drawings, prints and photographs, as well as 3 dimensional
 objects. Ancillary skills such as mat cutting, archival reversible
 hinging, corner making and many others will be part of this two day
 All participants will leave this event with a full set of four models, as
 well as various
 hinging papers and wheat starch paste for future projects.

 Mr. Citraro brings years of experience and museum tales to this outstanding
 event. It is an ideal experience for photographers, designers, artists and
 framers to
 learn the exactitudes of museum mounting techniques and standards.

 Caesar Citraro MBB is a  conservation technician at the Art Institute of
 Chicago. He also lectures and works for various museums and private
 collections around the world,
 and yearly takes his workshop to the Campbell Center for Historic
 Presentation in Mt.. Carroll IL.
 This event will mark the first time he will teach this workshop on the west

 Caesar Citraro is also an active artist and his paintings are in numerous
 private collections.

The cost of the workshop is $250 plus a materials fee of $50 for a total of
$300. Checks may be made out  to Timothy C. Ely. Class size is limited to 6
participants. Materials and tools are provided but you may wish to bring your
personal implements.

The workshop will be on Saturday February 13 and Sunday, Feb. 14 from 9:30
until 4:30


Timothy C. Ely

1306 NW HOYT, # 407, PORTLAND, OREGON, USA 97209

Voice[503] 243-6812--Fax [503] 228-7262--E-mail AXT1221@aol.com

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