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Re: Machine for scoring paper

What you want to look out for is called a perforater, a manual or
semi-automatic machine which works the likes:
usually set up with exchangeable Units to either perforate (punch through,
which means you have a comb and counterset) or to score, there you would
have a unit of a blund lip which would work against a iron score. There are
different sets, based on the stiffness and thickness of material to be

There is also a variant which is quite large and top heavy and used for
industrial application: it is solely used as a scoring machine, it sports a
upper unit which is a bland scoreing line, there as the table or bottom unit
can be adjusted in the receiving opening to acomodate the material scored.

On the work table before the score line, you would tape down a jig, which
consists of strips if cardbord glued together to build a little step,
setting your sheet of paper against the bottom of the steps, which is
directed towards the machine, you step on the footpedal, score the paper,
move it up one step on the jig, score again etc.

This machines are around in used graphic Dealer shops,
pending on east or west coast, expect to pay beetwen 200 to 900 for a manual
one which needs the usual amount of cleaning, but otherwise  works fine.

charles mohr

-----Original Message-----
From: Suhag Shirodkar <Suhags@AOL.COM>
Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 8:38 AM
Subject: Machine for scoring paper

>I make photo albums by hand and score each sheet of the bookblock to give
it a
>bit of flex towards the viewer. Currently I use a blunt knife and straight
>edge to score each sheet but it's very tedious work since each sheet has to
>scored 5 times. Is there any machine that would make my task easier? I once
>saw a picture of a foot operated machine that was used to score folds to
>accordion folders. I have no idea where to get anything like it.
>Do appreciate any input,

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