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Re: workshop

        Dr. Paul Werner will teach "Dragonsblood and Ashes", a workshop at the Valley
Art Association in Forest Grove, Oregon, April 5-8,  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Cost
is $200.  The Oregon Book Arts Guild is the sponsor of the workshop.
        "Dragonsblood and Ashes"  is an ongoing participatory project which Werner
has developed to understand Medieval techniques through the interaction of
scholarly research, artistic practice and exchange with students.
        Werner, who teaches at New York University School of Continuing Education and
at the School of Visual Arts in New York City will bring a medieval manuscript
page to analyze in the workshop.  Werner will also show how to prepare, fold
and line vellom, to transfer designs, to make inks, quills, dyes and to mix
colors in the Medieval manner.  Werner will also demonstrate easy-to-learn
methods of working with gold.
        Werner said the techniques developed by Medieval scribes influence the
contemporary book artist because the structure of the contemporary book is
rooted in historical developments: the history of binding, of script and of
        According to Werner the techniques (quill-cutting, egg and gum media, etc.),
which are part and parcel of the tradition of art down to the present time,
provide an introduction to understanding Codicology and Paleography, the
sciences of analyzing medieval book techniques and Medieval writing.
        He said to understand how Hildegard of Bingen came to read or sound the way
she does one must know something about how she was written down, what mistakes
might have been made in the writing and binding and how the manuscript might
have been handled, copied or damaged later on.
        The class is open to all levels of interest: book artist, artist,
calligraphers, English or music major.
        Contact Catherine Kumlin for registration.  Voice Mail: 657-4765 or e-mail:
stevan @aol.com

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