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Re: Machine for scoring paper

Dear Suhag,  I don't know of a scoring machine, but you could make a jig out
of binder's board with slots between the spacings you need and just score
down the slots.  I'm sure it's a lot less expensive than a machine, and you
could at least make your scoring  much easier for the moment.
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From: Suhag Shirodkar <Suhags@AOL.COM>
Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 8:39 AM
Subject: Machine for scoring paper

>I make photo albums by hand and score each sheet of the bookblock to give
it a
>bit of flex towards the viewer. Currently I use a blunt knife and straight
>edge to score each sheet but it's very tedious work since each sheet has to
>scored 5 times. Is there any machine that would make my task easier? I once
>saw a picture of a foot operated machine that was used to score folds to
>accordion folders. I have no idea where to get anything like it.
>Do appreciate any input,

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