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Re: Rolltaq Adhesive applicator problems

I find that I need a "soft" surface rather than a hard table to make the
applicator work.  I put the piece to be glued on a pad of waste sheets
(telephone book pages are great) and start the roll from the middle to the
end (going off the piece to the waste paper) then come back to the middle
and roll toward me (again going off the paper onto the waste paper).  The
one thing you cannot do is go over what you've just rollaqued.  One swipe is
all you get, when you try to go over to add more glue it just tends to
"erase" what was there.

Hope this helps,

d. guffey

At 04:25 PM 1/6/99 -0600, you wrote:

>Has anyone had a positive experience with the Rolltaq applicator ? Seems
>that no matter what I do, the rubber wheels never roll properly, and I end
>up with adhesive applied in patches. Usually it just skids across the
>surface with little or no application at all. Some papers work better than
>others, but all in all I can't say that I'm happy with what should be a
>useful product . Could I simply have a bad unit ? Anybody have similar
>experiences, or maybe tricks that they have found helpful ?
>Thanks in advance

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