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No Subject

I'm just passing this question on.
Please respond directly to kllr@pcpartner.net

Dear Jill Timm,

I am having a really difficult time finding out some information about some
miniature books I have acquired--I'm hoping you may be able to help me.  I
bought about 40 miniature Little Leather Library books at an estate
auction.  They look fairly old, but are in good condition.  They include
all the books of the Bible, as well as a dozen or so condensed books by
famous authors including Shakespere, Mark Twain, etc.  They have no
published date that I can see, so I have no idea where to look to find out
more about these books.

Have you ever heard of these books, or could you possibly let me know where
to go from here?

Thanks for your help,

Liz Peterson

Jill Timm, Visual Media Designer
User Centered Design
Network Computing Software, IBM Austin
(512) 838-9267, jtimm@us.ibm.com

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