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Re: motivations

The Viet Nam Memorial was certainly the most moving for me.  I lived in
Washington, DC while my ex-husband was in Viet Nam; worked at Andrews AFB
when the C-141 planes brought back the bodies twice daily.  I can still
hear that today. Brenda
> From: Subscribe Book_ARTS-L Anonymous <Lmatlantic@AOL.COM>
> Subject: Re: motivations
> Date: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 6:58 PM
> I too was terribly moved by the Vietnam Memorial. My first visit to
> was in the 1960s. We got on a bus traveled hundreds of miles, got out,
> around the Mall and got back on the bus. We were protesting the Vietnam
> So much of my passion and sense of being an American came from that
> the Memorial, with all the objects left by people, is very moving indeed.
> A good question, by the way.
> Thanks
> Laurie

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