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Re: motivations

Several years ago on one of our early trips to Paris my wife suggested we
visit the old royal chapel, Sainte-Chapelle, just behind the Palais de
Justice on the Ille de la Cit=E9.  I stepped through the doorway and was
rendered almost speechless, it was breathtaking, there were tears in my
eyes and all I could do was gasp, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!"  My
wife asked if I was OK.  I told her the royal chapel was the most beautiful
thing I had ever seen.  She smiled, "Michael you prat, this isn't the Royal
Chapel.  This is for the servants.  The Royal Chapel is upstairs."

There is no doubt that "upstairs" is a far more sophisticated work of art
and one of the outstanding sites of western Europe.  And I guess I am a bit
more sophisticated now than I was then; I at least know more.
Nevertheless, nothing since has ever hit me like that.

Mitchell, very many thanks for such a thought provoking question.


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