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Re: motivations

My thanks to Michael for reminding me of the Sainte Chapelle. As a child,
living in Paris, I always loved the "downstairs" or "servant's" part of the
Chapelle best of all!

Actually, just being in Paris, walking down the boulevards, the Luxembourg
Gardens and the Tuileries and all the wonderful museums, is always a joy and a
special happiness.

Before this reminder by Michael, I had thought of a different time and place.
Dunbrody Abbey in Ireland. My husband and I were there, quite alone, not a
person in sight, only fields and stone walls and a little cottage down the
road where we went for the key. Then, over the style and across the field,
dodging the cow patties as we went. With the key working, we were inside this
magnificent ruined abbey, marveling at the art and architecture of close to
1,000 years ago. I have never felt so close to the past or such an
overwhelming sense of history.

Jane Conneen

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