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Re: A new Web Site

  glad you were able to vet this for support group

now gosh mind if we share this web page information with readers of The

Hope this is not copyrightedand hope support group does not mind sharing
with nonsilicon beings. Should remind everyone that The Printer is no
copyrighted and all are welcome to dip from our well.

What with all the comments from Saxe, Harris, Horn et al - all learned
good folk --- I am thankful I have never earned  a GED - thank the

emjay- in Gutenberg and Morris Minors We Trust   (Ned Heite, Rovers will
suffice if a good Morris Woody cannot be had)

M J Phillips - The Printer - 20 page monthly tab - $25 a year - 20 cents
word classified
337 Wilson Street, Findlay OH 45840 USA
419-422-4958 - fax 419-423-2472.
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