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Re: bookwheel references


I would be interested in your references, but for some reason both versions
came through as gibberish.


At 08:29 AM 11/01/99 +1300, you wrote:
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>Thank you to everyone who came to my aid in my search for information =
>about the bookwheel. Here is an attachment of some annotated references =
>which may be of interest to some.The attachment is saved in 2 formats: =
>Microsoft word document and text only=20
>Happy wheel turning
>          =20
>Judy Klaus J
>25a Talavera Terrace
>Ph/Fax (04) 473 2252
>E-mail Judy.Klaus@vuw.ac.nz
>------ =_NextPart_000_01BE3D3C.9E21CD20
>Content-Type: application/msword; name="Annotated bibliography bookwheel.doc"
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