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Patient friends--

If  I weren't so thick-headed (6 3/4 inches, 172 mm, 6750 pts, 3 ply, 7 3/8
hat size, unknown number of mils)  I might be able automatically and in my
3 ply head to standardize all the thickness measurements occurring
throughout suppliers' catalogues.  But, alas, I'm incapable of this so my
plea to cataloguers is:

Use the same measurement for board thicknesses throughout your catalogue;


provide us a conversion chart that will inform the simple-minded among us
as to unit of measurement equivalences (there are one or two partial charts
in one or two catalogues---just amplify these);


try to get away from confusing the thickness and weight measurements (one
paper or board will be measured in points, the next in gms/square meter,
the next in mils, the next in pounds.

I really hate to display to the list the fact that I am
thickness-challenged but I make this obvious sacrifice on the off chance
that others with the same disability might also benefit.  My apologies to
those of you with digital heads.


Sam Lanham

Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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