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Re: Conservator/Restorer in Eastern Canada?


        Joe Landry can certainly do the work for you.  He has recently returned to
Nova Scotia after six years of training in England: London College of
Printing, West Dean College with Chris Clarkson, etc.  His wife and partner
Julia Landry studied paper conservation at the same time at Camberwell.
Joe also teaches Hand Bookbinding and Letterpress Printing at the Dawson
Printshop, at Dalhousie's Killam Library. Send me an email if you would
like course info.

        The Landrys have their studio at Cow Bay.  Here is their address:

        Leaf by Leaf Book and Paper
        Conservation Services,
        P.O. Box 1554, Station M,
        Halifax, N.S., Canada.  B3J 2Y3
        E-mail:  j.landry@ns.sympatico.ca
        Tel./Fax:  (902) 465-2190

        Good luck with your book,


>Can anyone suggest someone (preferably in the Halifax, N.S. area) in
>Eastern Canada who can restore  "antique" leather bound books?  Thanks
>for the help,
>Jennifer Hunter
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Patricia L. Chalmers                  email:  pchalmers@admin.ukings.ns.ca
Assistant Librarian                   Phone:  (902)422-1271 ext. 174
University of King's College          Fax:    (902)423-3357
Halifax,Nova Scotia

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