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Guide to undestanding paper terms and specifications

In response to two recent requests(and/or confusion) about the above subject,
there is an excellent book which deals with all aspects of paper, specifically
for USERs of paper as opposed to makers of paper. It is Which ? Paper : a
guide to choosing and using fine papers for artists, craftspeople and
designers by Silvie Turner published by Design Books and distributed through
Lyons & Burford  31 West 21st St. NY,NY 10010, 1994. I find it one of the most
valuable references on paper around. There are conversion tables for weights
and measures, extensive glossary,
surface and sizing info,properties of handmade and machine-made papers,
archival information etc. It is in a paper back 8" by 10" format and cost
26.95 according to the sticker or my dog-eared copy. I think I bought it at
Kate's Paperie in NYC and hopefully it is still in print.
Nancy Bloch

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