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Re: Rollataq

Karen - The Rollataq is one of those irresistable gadgets you see in the
art supply stores that has to come home with you. (A craftsperson's
Furby?) It's a small black case that fits in your hand, vaguely like a
tiny pocket flask--not that I know anythng about pocket flasks.... A
friction-fitting cap at each end. One cap covers the filling hole. The
other cap covers the business end: a narrow metal roller the width of
the case. You fill the container with Rollataq adhesive--a PVA-type
white fluid--then roll the roller across whatever you want to paste. The
adhesive is applied in a very thin film by the roller. (The principle is
similar to a hand waxer, if you've used one of them.)

I have used it to adhee fragile things like tissue paper (as well as
regular paper) because it's gentle in its application and doesn't tear
up fragile papers if you're careful. Also, because the layer of adhesive
is very thin, it is less likely to buckle your finished product than
some adhesives that come glooping out of squeeze bottles.

Betty Steckman

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