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Re: Looking for a song

Betty,  The best thing to do is call The New York Public Library, Performing
Arts Reference Music Division- I'm sure that they must have it or can easily
direct you to a copy, and probably send you the missing lyrics.  They're
very helpful and have access to everything!  I'm sorry I don't have the
telephone number on hand now, but it is easily available.
I'm sure you will get the information you need, Joseph
-----Original Message-----
From: Betty Storz <storz@MCN.ORG>
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 8:25 AM
Subject: Looking for a song

>I am restoring an early edition of "Redwing." a well-known song from the
>'20s. Parts of the lyric are missing and I need the words to the entire
>song. Do any of you remember or have a copy of the lyrics? Where do I look
>for the sheet music or a recording? It may be in a songbook from that
>Thank you for any information,
>Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org

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