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Re: thicknesses

I fully agree with Sam!! although I usually just make the best of
things if I get the wrong thickness, and luckily my projects are
usually flexible enough to accomodate such things.

and I also highly recommend the Which? Paper book by Sylvia Turner. I
was able to buy it in Britian less than two years ago without a
problem. it doesn't seem to be too common in the states, though, alas!

by the bye, I am happy to be back on the list and hearing what people
are doing! I am on from Jordan, and I don't get to read as often as
I'd like but I really enjoy it since I have been unable to find anyone
here who shares my interests. if anyone knows of practicing book
artists in Jordan, or printmakers, or letterpress printers, I would
love to know about it.

the motivations questions was fascinating...nteresting how many were
moved by war (a topic that leaves me cold, but I am young enough not
to have been majorly affected by any of them. the Holocaust Museum in
DC, however, cannot fail to affect anyone, including me. sad that is.)


It is so very H O T I do not know
how to write it large enough.
-Emily Eden
     from "Up The Country"

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