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Barnes and Noble/Ingram acquisition

Please consider the following Petition.

information verified at http://www.nbnn.com/pubNews/123585.html

Just copy-and-paste the following into a new message, add your name to the
list, and send to all folks you know who would support this


This is so important to the small independent bookseller, please take a
moment to sign. If you are the 50th, 100th, 150th signature, please
e-mail the petition to the AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION, e-mail
address ab-info@bookweb.org .

This petition will be sent to the Congress, the Department of Justice, and
the Federal Trade Commission to block Barnes & Noble's proposed acquisition
of the Ingram Book Company, the single largest supplier of books to small
bookstores across the country. This acquisition, should it be allowed to
take place, is just one more example of the large scale corporate
consolidation that has infiltrated every corner of our culture. As the
desire intensifies to increase bottom line profits, no matter what the
other consequences, so does the concentration of power in the book
industry. Consumers are left with an environment in which fewer and fewer
people are deciding which books published and ultimately, which books
Americans can read and buy. Barnes & Noble has already entered into an
alliance with the $14 billion media giant, German-owned Bertelsmann AG.

Now  with Barnes and Noble's proposed acquisition of the billion dollar
Ingram  Book Company, there can be little doubt that the book industry is
falling  prey to the same anti-competitive ills that  currently plague
computer software and other industries. This deal would  make independent
bookstores virtually dependent upon their largest  competitor  for their
books. (It is as if Burger King and Wendy's had to buy their  french  fries
from McDonald's). We need your help. As a patron of independent
booksellers, please sign the petition to help us lobby the government to
stop this proposed merger.

Please exercise your right as a citizen and tell the government how you
feel. We sincerely thank you for your support.

 1. Meg Gouraud, Canon City, CO
 2. Pat Wiles, Guffey, CO
 3. Chris Rivers, Guffey, CO
 4. Shiner Antiorio, Asheville.  NC
 5. Toba Spitzer, Watertown MA
 6. Melissa Minkin, Los Angeles, CA
 7. tova stabin, eugene, OR
 8. Aurora Levins Morales, Berkeley, CA
 9. Luz Guerra, Austin, TX
 10. Marianne Bueno, San Antonio, TX
 11. Louis Mendoza, San Antonio,  Texas
 12. Bryce Milligan, San Antonio, TX
 13. Rose Catacalos, Stanford, CA
 14. Perla Cavazos, Austin, TX
 15. Tammy Gomez, Austin, TX
 16. P. D. Jolley, Austin, TX
 17. Richard Lyons, Austin, TX
 18. Rosemarie Vardell, Efland, NC
 19. Dan Bellm, San Francisco, CA
 20. Nancy Halloran, San Francisco, CA
 21. David Couch, San Francisco, CA
 22. Susan Moon, Berkeley, CA
 23. Taigen Dan Leighton, Fairfax, CA
 24. Peter Coyote, Mill Valley, CA.
 25. Paul Hawken, Sausalito, CA
 26. Edward Skloot, New York, NY
 27. Suzanne Skloot, New York, NY
 28. Joseph Skloot, New York, NY
29. Richard B. Norgaard, Berkeley, CA
30. David Szanton, Berkeley, CA
31. Carol J. Clover, Berkeley, CA
32. Joshua Clover, Berkeley, CA
33. Robert Christgau
34. Thurston Moore, NYC
35. Justin Trosper, Olympia, WA.
36. Mike SImonetti , NYC  USA
37. Mark Kaiser, San Francisco CA
38. Leslie Creach, San Mateo, CA
39.  Vickie Wen, Sunnyvale, CA

Vickie Wen

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