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Re: Barnes and Noble/Ingram acquisition

At 05:54 PM 1/13/99 EST, you wrote:
>Please consider the following Petition.
>information verified at http://www.nbnn.com/pubNews/123585.html
>Just copy-and-paste the following into a new message, add your name to the
>list, and send to all folks you know who would support this
>This is so important to the small independent bookseller, please take a
>moment to sign. If you are the 50th, 100th, 150th signature, please
>e-mail the petition to the AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION, e-mail
>address ab-info@bookweb.org .
>This petition will be sent to the Congress, the Department of Justice, and
>the Federal Trade Commission to block Barnes & Noble's proposed acquisition
>of the Ingram Book Company, the single largest supplier of books to small
>bookstores across the country. This acquisition, should it be allowed to
>take place, is just one more example of the large scale corporate
>consolidation that has infiltrated every corner of our culture. As the
>desire intensifies to increase bottom line profits, no matter what the
>other consequences, so does the concentration of power in the book
>industry. Consumers are left with an environment in which fewer and fewer
>people are deciding which books published and ultimately, which books
>Americans can read and buy. Barnes & Noble has already entered into an
>alliance with the $14 billion media giant, German-owned Bertelsmann AG.
>Now  with Barnes and Noble's proposed acquisition of the billion dollar
>Ingram  Book Company, there can be little doubt that the book industry is
>falling  prey to the same anti-competitive ills that  currently plague
>computer software and other industries. This deal would  make independent
>bookstores virtually dependent upon their largest  competitor  for their
>books. (It is as if Burger King and Wendy's had to buy their  french  fries
>from McDonald's). We need your help. As a patron of independent
>booksellers, please sign the petition to help us lobby the government to
>stop this proposed merger.
>Please exercise your right as a citizen and tell the government how you
>feel. We sincerely thank you for your support.
> 1. Meg Gouraud, Canon City, CO
> 2. Pat Wiles, Guffey, CO
> 3. Chris Rivers, Guffey, CO
> 4. Shiner Antiorio, Asheville.  NC
> 5. Toba Spitzer, Watertown MA
> 6. Melissa Minkin, Los Angeles, CA
> 7. tova stabin, eugene, OR
> 8. Aurora Levins Morales, Berkeley, CA
> 9. Luz Guerra, Austin, TX
> 10. Marianne Bueno, San Antonio, TX
> 11. Louis Mendoza, San Antonio,  Texas
> 12. Bryce Milligan, San Antonio, TX
> 13. Rose Catacalos, Stanford, CA
> 14. Perla Cavazos, Austin, TX
> 15. Tammy Gomez, Austin, TX
> 16. P. D. Jolley, Austin, TX
> 17. Richard Lyons, Austin, TX
> 18. Rosemarie Vardell, Efland, NC
> 19. Dan Bellm, San Francisco, CA
> 20. Nancy Halloran, San Francisco, CA
> 21. David Couch, San Francisco, CA
> 22. Susan Moon, Berkeley, CA
> 23. Taigen Dan Leighton, Fairfax, CA
> 24. Peter Coyote, Mill Valley, CA.
> 25. Paul Hawken, Sausalito, CA
> 26. Edward Skloot, New York, NY
> 27. Suzanne Skloot, New York, NY
> 28. Joseph Skloot, New York, NY
>29. Richard B. Norgaard, Berkeley, CA
>30. David Szanton, Berkeley, CA
>31. Carol J. Clover, Berkeley, CA
>32. Joshua Clover, Berkeley, CA
>33. Robert Christgau
>34. Thurston Moore, NYC
>35. Justin Trosper, Olympia, WA.
>36. Mike SImonetti , NYC  USA
>37. Mark Kaiser, San Francisco CA
>38. Leslie Creach, San Mateo, CA
>39.  Vickie Wen, Sunnyvale, CA
>40. Char Cehovin , Ithaca , NY>
>Vickie Wen

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