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Many of the issues of ABookman's Weekly have quotes about books.  Look for
back issues.  The Jan. 4, 1999 issue had the quote:

A man may so select and assemble books, exercising such taste, judgement,
fancy, whim, imagination, passion, that his collection has the aesthetic
qualities of a picture, or a poem, a monument or a piece of music.
                                        ----- Holbrook Jackson

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

--On WedTu, Jan41322199997 6:04 PM -0700 "Deborah Ford"
<azdford@FUTUREONE.COM> wrote:

> Hello. I am looking for any quote that people might have regarding books.
> Please send them to azdford@futureone.com or the list. Thank you
> Deb Ford
> azdford@futureone.com
> Prescott, AZ

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