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As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jordan, I have been lucky to see what
many of the non-profit organizations are doing. one of them is making
incredibly beautiful handmade paper, in a variety of sizes and
thicknesses, using inclusions from the local area (like within a mile
radius). if you want to compare it to something available on the US
market, the bagasse, tea and wool papers from India and the marigold
papers are the closest. they are an income generating project for
women. their biggest challenge is marketing the paper; there isn't
much demand for it here in Jordan (other than Queen Noor) and they
have had trouble contacting importers to other countries.
this paper is both gorgeous--I wish it had been around while I was
doing my book arts thesis!!--and very reasonably priced at retail
(less than $3 for an A2 sheet) and that was at retail. the manager
told me they would be willing to go down substantially for
wholesale/quantity orders.
  if anyone is on a paper listserv and would be willing to post a
request for information for me, I'd be very grateful. or if anyone
knows of importers and how to contact them (mail or email preferably),
please send that information to:
thank you very much.

It is so very H O T I do not know
how to write it large enough.
-Emily Eden
     from "Up The Country"

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