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    WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?

         Here are recent changes or updates that you may not have
         seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB members are
         "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home pages.
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        SAN FRANCISCO BOOK FAIR (1/18/99)

             The 32nd California International Antiquarian
             Book Fair, to be held in San Francisco,
             February 12-14 has a new Web Site available
             at http://SanFranciscoBookFair.com . This
             year's Fair features 255 US and international
             ILAB dealers, and has become the world's
             largest rare book fair. Our Web Site brings
             you information about the Fair, its
             participants and special events, and will be
             offering highlights of items to be available
             at the Fair.

        BOMSEY AUTOGRAPH LIST (1/18/99)
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             Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, of Annandale,
             VA, has placed his latest catalogue, List
             60W, 239 items representing a crossection of
             the high and the low, saints and sinners, the
             quick and the dead, in the new ABAA-booknet
             Search =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic
             Catalogue format.
        http://abaa-booknet.com/Bomsey        =20
        MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (1/17/98)

             Three ABAA Members have announced new or
             updated Web Sites:

           * David Lesser, of Woodbridge, CT has posted
             Catalogue 41, Rare Americana to his Web Site,

           * Bolerium Books, of San Francisco, CA has an
             new Web Site, http://www.bolerium.com
             specializing in Labor History, Women's
             Studies, Radicalism, Gay Literature,
             African-American, Spanish Civil War, Chess,
             Americana, Federal Writer's Project.

           * Maxwell's Bookmark, of Stockton, CA has an
             new Web Site, http://www.maxwellsbookmark.com
             specializing in Californiana, Western
             American, Golf, Scottish History & Genealogy.

        XIMENES LIST (1/3/99)
         [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with Ximenes Rare Books]

             Ximenes Rare Books, of Kempsford,
             Gloucestershire ENGLAND, is now offering List
             98-3W =97 N E W   A C Q U I S I T I O N S With
             a Supplement of Early Auction Catalogues,
             Booksellers=92 Catalogues, Library Catalogues,
             & Catalogues of Circulating Libraries. An
             ABAA member currently resident in Great
             Britain with a wide selection of accessions
             from the UK, Ximenes offers Rare Books,
             English & American Literature, Travel,
             Science & Medicine, Economics, Now Offering
             two catalogues in the new ABAA-booknet Search
             =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic Catalogue
        http://abaa-booknet.com/Ximenes         =20
         [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with James Pepper]

             James Pepper Rare Books of Santa Barbara, CA
             announces the online publication of three new
             catalogues: Catalogue 76W -- 250 New Arrivals
             & Select Books, along with Catalogue 74W and
             Catalogue 75W -- Selections of American &
             English Literature, Mystery & Detective
             Fiction. These are new catalogues in the
             ABAA-booknet Search =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line
             Dynamic Catalogue format.
        http://abaa-booknet.com/Pepper   =20
         [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with Ed Glaser]

             Edwin V. Glaser Rare Books, of Sausilito, CA,
             is now offering Catalogue 143W =97 SCIENCE AND
             TECHNOLOGY, 418 items from Agricola and
             Euclid to Newton, Laplace and Pasteur to
             Einstein and Pioneers of Modern Physics,
             Mathematics and Computer Science ... with
             many other important works of Science and
             Technology in between. Available in the new
             ABAA-booknet Search =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line
             Dynamic Catalogue format.
        http://abaa-booknet.com/Glaser       =20
        MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATE (1/2/99)

             Two ABAA Members have announced new and
             updated Web Sites:

           * David Schulson Autographs, of New York, NY
             has posted new online listings: Autographs,
             Letters, Documents, Manuscripts, Photography
             http://members.aol.com/schulson/ .
           * Howard Schickler Fine Art , of New York, NY
             has established a new Web Site devoted to
             20th Century Avant-Garde Art Movements and
             offering several current photography exhibits
             on-line, located at
             http://photoarts.com/schickler         =20

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