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Re: How Good is a Spell Checker?

I ve often told my students about my dear friend Yanus.  Yanus is a very
fine person but his command of English is not so good.  Indeed, his first
job once he came to the US was as a proof-reader for a newspaper.  Suffice
it to say, he was fired after less than hour on the job due to his
inability to detect spelling errors.  The moral of this story is that you
cannot trust a Check spelczecher.


PS: As I now use Microsoft Word at times, I guess that I should tell you
about the French woman, Cliche, who I hired to care for and watch over my
grandmother (she works as a gramma checker).  She was totally unreliable.

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Vickie Wen wrote:

> How many of us have been cursed by a spell checker?  The following says it
> all!
> Ode to Spell Checker

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