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Re: Rotatrim Board Cutter

Buy a Boardcutter!
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From: axon.net.au <Trillian@AXON.NET.AU>
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 8:21 AM
Subject: Re: Rotatrim Board Cutter

>In response to Kelly's query....
>>Subject:          Rotatrim Board Cutter
>>Sent:        1/21/19  3:43 PM
>>Received:    01/20  4:13 AM
>>From:        Kelly Anderson, andersox@EARTHLINK.NET
>>Hey List Members,
>>I'm new to edition bookbinding.  I needed something that would cut Davey
>>board, so I checked out the archives, and found that people recommended
>>the Rotatrim.  Well, I got a brand new Rotatrim Mastercut II today and
>>the best it can do is cut mat board--Davey board is out of the question.
>>So, am I doing something wrong?  Did I buy the wrong thing?  Your
>>recommendations are welcome.
>>-Kelly Anderson
>Regarding Davey Board, we have found the best thing so far is a regular
>band-saw. You certainly can't take the stuff to your local printer for
>cutting...not if you want to remain on good terms with them anyway...the
>stuff dulls their cutting blades terribly.
> ;-)
>Does anyone out there have any better ways than a power tool? Other than
>cutting layer by layer with a utility knife, by hand?
>Cher Selleck

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