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Re: Rotatrim Board Cutter

Kuttrimmers work quite well, especially with the thinner (78pt or thinner)
material. You can get them in 3 sizes the two largest of which can take
the board across the width. A Jacques (Very heavy duty, cast iron board
shear) makes really easy work of it. Never used a power tool.

In my mind there is no reason to use a band saw. Other was to get thicker
board are to laminate 2 ply matt board (PVA works fine).

We could also get into the aesthetics of board thicknesses her if we
wanted to. I find for the most part, most binders make their boards far
thicker than they need to, especially with thin books. Thick, heavy boards
don't usually add much in strength unless it's a really heavy book. What I
do is lay the text on the board (Grain parallel to spine) and if it sags
go slightly thicker.


> Does anyone out there have any better ways than a power tool? Other than
> cutting layer by layer with a utility knife, by hand?
> Thanks!
> Cher Selleck


Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

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