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Re: Letterpress info?


The best book I have seen/read is "Printing on the Iron Handpress" by
Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, $50 in paper from Oak Knoll Press
<www.oakknoll.com>. Although it is specifically for Washington/Albion
presses, it contains a wealth of information not available elsewhere. If
you're using a platen press, Ralph Polk wrote a couple of textbooks back in
the 1940s (I think) which are pretty good. To the best of my knowledge,
there is nothing available for printing with a cylinder press. Lewis Allen
wrote a book in the 1960s about handpress printing (title escapes me right
now) which is also good though not nearly as exhaustive as Rummonds, and
Clifford Burke ("Printing Poetry") is good though specifically about the
peculiarities of poetry.

HTH and good luck,

>Does anyone know a good book of the "how-to" kind about Letterpress printing?
>I have access to a press and need info.

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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