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Re: Letterpress info?

At 07:11 PM 1/20/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>The best book I have seen/read is "Printing on the Iron Handpress" by
>Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, $50 in paper from Oak Knoll Press
><www.oakknoll.com>. Although it is specifically for Washington/Albion
>presses, it contains a wealth of information not available elsewhere. If
>you're using a platen press, Ralph Polk wrote a couple of textbooks back in
>the 1940s (I think) which are pretty good. To the best of my knowledge,
>there is nothing available for printing with a cylinder press. Lewis Allen
>wrote a book in the 1960s about handpress printing (title escapes me right
>now) which is also good though not nearly as exhaustive as Rummonds, and
>Clifford Burke ("Printing Poetry") is good though specifically about the
>peculiarities of poetry.

Gerry Lange of the Bieler Press wrote a little book on printing with
Polymer plates on the Vandercook. His phone number is 310/821-8269. He can
tell you more about it.


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