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virtual artists' "books"

I am currently compiling a list of virtual artists' "books" for our
patrons. To be more specific: I'm not  interested in mere depictions of
artists' books on a web site, but on text/imagery that uses web technology
in a somewhat sequential (or any other book-like) manner.
I know this is a rather futile attempt as most of them will only be up for
a limited amount of time, but I can always delete defunct sites and add new
ones as they come.=20

So far I have about 15 addresses (which I gladly share with anybody
interested in the field) and would gratefully add any suggestions that you
can offer. Have you seen anything interesting recently?

Is there a good way to search for this type of material? (Obviously using
"virtual" and "book" will get me anywhere except to my desired destination=

My email address is below. Thanks for any help.


AnneDorothee Boehme, Library Materials Specialist
Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection                    =20
John M Flaxman Library/School of the Art Institute of Chicago           =09
37 S Wabash Av
Chicago, Il 60603=09

312-899-5098 ( voice )
312-899-1465 ( fax )


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