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A Question Regarding Glue Machines (Potdevin, Shaeffer, Minco, Etc)

Hello Book Arts Listers,

A few questions regarding Glue Machines:

Rag & Bone Bindery owns two Potdevin glue machines and we're looking for a

Here's some information I can offer regarding Glue Machines.

The Potdevin's are our faves - not just because we own them. We have a 12"
machine with a cast iron tank and heater as well as a 21" (the same specs)
with board feeder attached. These machines run without problems day in and
day out, six days a week. All we ever need to do is clean them and add oil
every morning. They feed our fabric and papers clean and straight, and even
come with a key adjuster right on the side of the gear housing. Both are
the Type "Z" machines.

We owned a Shaeffer gluer and did not like it. It seemed 'weak' compared to
the Potdevin. It's bearings sounded weak, and the glue adjusters were
difficult to work with - they couldn't be adjusted on-the-fly, a
screwdriver was necessary. Overall, I didn't like the feel of this machine,
though I guess we all connect with what we know, and my experience has been
with Potdevin so.....

As for Minco, I hear great things about them, but haven't used one myself.
>From what I can gather, they're just as tough as the Potdevins, though most
come with a drop down tank (Easy cleaning!) and two glue adjusting wheels,
one for each side of the roller.

My questions:

Is there anybody out there using a type "2R" machine? They're smaller than
the type "Z" gluers. They're also a lot cheaper. I'm curious if they work
well for bookbinders. They've been described as "not as tough" as the "Z"
machines, but we make books, not leather shoes as many of these machines
are used for, so maybe that isn't an issue. Maybe?

(See http://www.potdevin.com/product.html for pictures of the different

Also - does anyone have a glue machine they want to sell? We're looking for
a 12" or 15" cast iron Potdevin machine with a heater for hot glue in
excellent working order.

In the past we've bought equipment from American Graphic Arts. They sell
refurbished machines generally at 70% of the cost of the same machines new.
(Their number is 908 351 6906). And refurbished might as well be new - you
can hardly tell the difference.

Are there any other equipment suppliers around we should call?

Regards, Jason

                 r a g  &  b o n e  b i n d e r y

                 web:  http://www.ragandbone.com
                 fax:  401 455 3480
               voice:  401 455 3680
                mail:  one allens avenue
                       providence, rhode island 02903

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                       guestbooks, clamshell boxes and more.
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                       see you there!

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