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Re: Illustrator

And here are my two cents:  I've been a visual artist all my life (I'm
in my late 50s) and a poet for the last 15 years or so.  Years ago, I
came to terms with the fact that very few artists make a living doing
ar.  So, after god knows how many good and bad jobs, I am doing
exactly what I want to do:  1) I am an artist in the schools -- I call
myself an itinerant poet/visual artist -- I travel everywhere, teaching
poetry, writing, and many forms of visual art, including making
artists' books and boxes, designing and creating costumes and
sets for theater, etc.  2) I founded a not-for-profit literary
organization 8 years ago -- we have readings, we have an annual
literary festival, with a visual art exhibition, etc., we have kids
workshops, etc.  3) And in my spare time I write (I publish quite a
bit) and make art (including artist's books and boxes for solo and
group exhibitions). I work hard, and I love my work, and I recently
realized that I make my living (spare as it is) completely around
literature and visual art, after all. The fact is, the world doesn't really
need poetry and visual art though people "die everyday for the lack
of it" (inaccurate W.C. Williams quote) and the world doesn't really
need art so we, as artists, must constantly show the world that we
are needed, that what we do gives deep pleasure and joy (much
longer lasting than a new tv).  It is, as they say, uphill.  But it is
totally worthwhile to push that stone up, again and again.

Bertha Rogers

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