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Re: Illustrator

I've found this thread on the dilemmas of selling one's soul to
commercialism very interesting and very close to home.   Only a couple of
years ago, I cut ties with this demon and left a "perfectly good" office job
for a life of improvisation and sometimes living off miracles alone.  I've a
Fine Arts degree majoring in printmaking and drawing and I've formed a
partnership with my sister who was a graphic designer in the days when it
was accepted that drawings get done with the hand and the brain..

In the long run, I like to think that living off one's talents is
worthwhile, and have taken the route of using my hand-drawn work in a
digital capacity with the use of a flatbed scanner.  Things are still a
little more difficult in South Africa, as the novelty of clipart and the
do-it-yourself 48-hour long graphic designer industry is still very

At the moment, my partner and I are embarking on creating a children's book,
which will be an exercise for ourselves before it is for mercenary reasons.
I reckon we'll never be really wealthy, but chances that we may one day be
really satisfied with where we're going and the odds against which we're
sometimes battling, do seem to be strong..

my two cents worth

Robyn Sassen
most recent work on the web :
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